Friday, January 8, 2010

Some cask strength therapy for Backward Britain

Some seasonal temperatures and the Land of Dope and Toley grinds to a halt. Aided and abetted by a public transport system that's been carved up and privatised to various degrees by the ugly sisters of Labour and Tory. Our rail system is unreliable at the best of times but when the weather goes traditional, it goes wrong. Why is it that European nations such as Finland and Germany who have a greater range of temperatures than we do (very low in the winter and high in the summer) can manage, but the likes of First Scotrail and Network Rail can't deal with anything outwith a range from zero to 25 degrees Celsius?

If Dumb Britain's corrupt Westminster parliament cannot re-nationalise our railways then it should be a priority for Holyrood. And it takes an independent Scotland to introduce some common sense to public services, then so be it.

As Brooker says, "Fuck Britain".

If you feel like turning to drink in order to combat the twin evils of extreme cold and backward Britishness, then you could do worse than try:
Caol Ila SWMS 53.131 'Turbuso Humo', 9yo, 67.9%
Inchgower Cadenhead's 2001 bottling, 11yo, 61%
Edradour Natural Cask Strength, Cask #468, 13yo, 57.4%