Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bigot Story

Once upon a time, there were two bigots. Peter the Bull and Hazel the Mary. They owned an abode down in Celtic Cornwall. Their abode was open to weary travellers and to those on pilgrimage to view the natural beauty of this Celtic land.

Unlike other similar establishments, merely crossing their palms with silver was not a guarantee of rest and nourishment. What you did with your own palms was of utmost importance.

If you were a lone traveller and used your palm to administer pleasure to oneself then a blind eye was turned. If you were a man with female companion then each others' palms could be used by either partner to satisfy the demands for carnal knowledge and the innkeepers would interfere not.

However, if two male travellers were to simply place their palms in each others then the wrath of the innkeepers would be incurred and those who had sullied the purity of the chamber would be thrown out into the night. The innkeepers claimed that their actions were guided by an ancient text and by the teachings of three beings known as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost who were also one being. However, news of this unjust regime reached a higher court where not one Lord but five ruled against the innkeepers and their imaginary god and implored them to cease. This came to pass and now the inn is no more.

In another world and another time - 30 years previous to be exact, there was a US punk-hardcore band which bore the name of 7 Seconds. These angry teenagers were both of another time and ahead of their time. They wrote a song which railed against the mentality of those innkeepers who close their doors to those they deem to be impure. The words were simple. But the words were true...
Okay, the fact that someone's gay, some say,
"how could they live that way?",
To me, it all comes down to choice, why fight?
It's just a waste of time,
Get hip, there's nothin' you can do,
Why should that bother you,
For decency, you fight,
But who is really right?

Regress, no way!

There are some, who'd like to enforce fear,
Don't bend, or you're a "commie queer",
Wake up, to human rights and see,
The truth, and your hypocrisy.
I spit on "the majority",
And what they want us to be,
And their "democracy",
Just will not work for me

Regress, no way!

I see, but I can't fit the mold,
Or do as I am told,
And if we are so free,
I'll do what's right for me

Regress, no way!