Sunday, May 30, 2010

Laws - just another crook

I'm not sure which is worse about the David Laws case- a Lib Dem multi-millionaire defrauding the public purse to the tune of £40k or the sycophants lining up to pay 'tribute' to this thief. Let's face it, if those who 'cheat' the benefit system can face fraud charges in court, why can't this guy? Shame too on him for trying to hide behind his sexuality. Surely if anyone can afford to buy his own secret lovenest for whoever - man, woman or Tory - then this guy can.

To sum up some of the complements that have been paid to this fckr... right-wing Tory heid-the-baw Iain Duncan Smith, who is currently charged with tackling the benefit culture of the great white unwashed, first:

Mr Duncan Smith told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show his respect for Mr Laws had grown since they started working together in the coalition, and he was a "thoroughly decent person".

"I have no questions at all that he has the talent to be back... I've been in the spotlight myself, as you know, so I wish him the very best and hope the media leaves him alone a bit now."

Now for another Tory, this time the freakish and deviant looking Michael Gove:

The coalition's Conservative Schools Secretary Michael Gove also paid tribute to his Lib Dem coalition colleague, telling Sky News Mr Laws had never been a "tribal" politician.

Mr Gove added that Mr Laws had given up a lucrative career in the City for politics because he believed in public service.

Or the Lib Dem leader himself, a man who has made the rejection of principles an art form:

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has paid tribute to the "great dignity" of David Laws following the Treasury Secretary's resignation.

He said he hoped Mr Laws would be able to "rejoin the government" eventually, "because... he has so much to contribute to national life".

And talking of consenting gay couples, how about Clegg's better half and the Etonian face of the 'New Politics', Mr Cameron himself:

"Your decision to resign from the government demonstrates the importance you attach to your integrity.

"In your short time at the Treasury, you have made a real difference, setting the government on the right path to tackle the deficit which poses such a risk to our economy."

These people are self-serving scum. Stealing tax payers' money while they're seeking to cut our services. Thousands of ordinary folk are facing the dole - and having their own privacy invaded as a test of their probity - while greasy and fraudulent Westminster MPs keep each others' asses covered and pay 'tribute' to those unfortunate enough to have been caught with their hands in the till.

Bankrupt Brittania waives the rules once more.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In the playground with the pygmies

Imagine a windswept and rugged landscape. One with mountains, islands and fjord-like incisions into the land where historically travel by boat was the only real mode of transport. A land that has suffered famine and clearance. Where the natives have been used as cannon fodder by another nation in her wars. Strict and tribalistic religion has shaped society. An ancient language is still spoken despite colonial efforts to beat it out of the natives. Many people still live off the fruits of land and sea - seaweed, shellfish and strange delicacies involving sheeps' stomachs.

Imagine that the year is 2010.

This land is now a plaything for English toffs. With the purchasing power of the colonial British Broadcasting Corporation behind them and a truck load of cameras, the shy and reticent natives are cajoled into 'cooperating' with these dashing toff adventurers. For, an adventure it is.

The white beaches. "I say, this could be Goa".

The mountains. "I remember when i was in Nepal..."

The wild Atlantic. "Back in the school dorms, we would play at being Captain Pugwash."

The natives. "Ever so friendly, they gave me two pigs, 3 turkeys and a traditional Hebridean llama for my new croft."

The language. "Isn't the Gay-lick so beautiful. It sounds like mangled Swahili spoken backward. Fortunately, my grandfatha's generation beat the natives soundly until they learned English. Its great for the economy you know."

The music. "It's called a Kay-lee. Tribal and rhythmic music that almost spirits one away from the raging storm outside and back to the mudflats, from where a primitive lifeform is emerging from the sea..."

And before long, the natives are filmed helping the dashing white adventurer erect wooden poles so that other travellers find that their steps fall easier in this rough terrain. Beads and trinkets are traded for oil and whisky revenue so there is satisfaction all round. And before long, the brave Field Marshal Montgomery Halls and Rear Admiral Benjamin Fogle retire to their native England to write their memoirs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The definitive Nick Clegg

Clegg: sucks blood of various animals

Far be it for me to enter into traditional 'tribal' Scottish politics but... the Lib Dems deserve it. Their charming and trained actor of a leader is now under more scrutiny than ever before. I bet he wishes he'd gone for the real X-Factor instead of the presidential debates. Never mind, one look at the Free Dictionary says it all. Are the Lib Dems political chancers and parasites, devoid of principles and substance? Let's find out...

Aye... "sucks blood of various animals". OK, the gender may be out, but this sounds true.

Is 'nick' any better? Well "a shallow notch" rings the bells of recognition. But also, "to cheat", "to wound slightly" and "to steal". Surely not? This about the leader of a party that found itself in third place in terms of the popular vote in both England and Scotland? If Brown had no mandate to continue, why does the Gadfly think that his party enjoys the ringing endorsement of the electorate?

The new Lib Dem Scottish Secretary, Danny Alexander doesn't fill one with confidence either. Its not only that he fills the office that he previously wished to eliminate but seeing him act like David Cameron's meek and mute colonial lap dog on his visit to Holyrood last week was pretty emblematic of the spineless nature of the new Lib Dems.

Roll on Holyrood 2011 and Lib Dem meltdown.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From pig to man, from man to pig...

"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

George Orwell

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lib Dems go to bed with Thatcher's bastard children

Hands up who voted Lib Dumb? Then, hands up who voted Lib Dumb or Labour in order to keep the Tories out? Well, then you've just been humped big time. Tricky Nick Clegg has squeeze an Old Testament sized shit on the heads of those who voted 'progressive' to keep uber-privileged Eton boy Cameron from power.

Some points -
  • Can we trust the Lib Dems again? No. They've dug their cesspit and can fkn well sink in it. At next years Holyrood elections, the Lib Dem canvassers go onto my harassment list of anyone who comes near the hoose with propaganda. So, the Fib Dungs join Ukip, the English Nazis and Tories in line for gardyloo treatment.
  • As to Labour, their scare tactics didn't work. Will the 41% of Scots voters who voted for the skeletal God-botherer Jim Murphy now see that 'voting Labour to keep the Tories out' is worthless in Scotland. Only independence can save us from an electoral system that is weighted in the favour of right-wing English voters.
  • More Labour - do they really prefer Tory rule to independence or a pact with the SNP
True that when all is said and done, a Labour/Tory pact would've been closer ideologically. But this whole episode has gone to shedding some light though on the nature of the Lib Dems. Forever destined to be political prostitutes, ready to sell out to the highest bidder.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

...everybody who voted Tory

Edinburgh's Oi Polloi did this a few years ago. But maybe we need to go back to the future. Especially if the treacherous Lib Dems get into bed with Cameron's Old Etonians. Proof though, that Scotland can vote for what it wants and still get an English Tory government imposed on it.

Pity the Lib Dems and Labour haven't embraced independence. Yet.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's leave guys like this in the gutter

This man may hate me for it but I'm off out to vote for an independent and progressive Scotland. This includes a Scotland that welcomes newcomers. For, if we get too tight-arsed about immigration and reckon that stopping foreigners coming here will improve our lives (??!!!) then that begs the question, 'what do we do with home-grown fckwits like this?'

Answers in the comments section below.

So, here's hoping that there's a healthy vote for the SNP. The backward and corrupt London parliament isn't the best platform for democracy - any system that could allow Labour to still be the biggest party an yet lag in 3rd place in percentage of votes is cac. Though the international election observers from North Korea are thought to be impressed by what they've seen.

Therefore, the progressive parties that seek independence - SNP and Greens - should wait for next year's Scottish elections for their big push. Maybe the 6 and a half Socialist parties we have could maybe unite for it too?

Here's to an independent and progressive Scottish republic.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Immigration and the English

Q- When is it racist to discuss immigration? A- When the immigrants are the English.

Therefore, when Settler Watch campaigned in the 90s against wealthy English 'white settlers' buying up homes in various desirable rural parts of Scotland, they were branded 'racist'. Maybe SW were racist. I doubt it but... anyway, it's suddenly become acceptable for everybody from New Labour to the usual English Nazis to list immigration as a 'concern'. So, wealthy and mostly middle-aged Sasannaich are allowed to push up house-prices in rural Scotland but mostly poor and hard-working Europeans or Asians are not allowed to work for a living here?

To paraphrase Iain Moireasdan on a Gaelic election debate a few years ago, 'the English drive German cars, watch American programs on Japanese made televisions, drink French or Belgian beer, eat Indian, Italian or Chinese food yet are suspicious of foreigners'. You could add to that an Arabic patron saint, Germanic royal family and clothes made in Asian sweatshops.

Yet despite England being subsumed in foreign identity, many are convinced that 'multi-culturalism doesn't work' though neglect to look at their own family tree. Tabloids scream about immigrants taking homes. However, when the figures are analysed, you find out that they include anyone that wasn't born in the UK and stretches back to the middle of last century (see Straight Statistics 'Who's living in my social housing?').

Then when you think some more, you realise that those dreaded immigrants include your pal's Spanish girlfriend or your other pal who was born abroad to Scots parents but has lived here since infancy. It also includes those thousands of Eastern Europeans who come here to pick our veg an clean our toilets. The figures in the Daily Mail/Express/Star etc don't tell you though that most also go home again.They also don't list the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Prince Philip or Terry Wogan who presumably are acceptable to the Daily Mail but who are nevertheless FOREIGN.

As to indigenous British culture - whatever it is or was.... Tescos have done more to destroy the 'traditional' life of English towns than any group of Muslims, Poles or Scots. The English also don't seem to mind the benefits that come with globalisation. The same globalisation that gives them cheap clothes in Primark and uncomplicated access to Spanish holiday homes and beaches also means that some FOREIGNERS have the right to come here. Duh!

Finally, if anyone is actually dumb enough to think that stopping or limiting immigration would be good then they should remember that for the likes of the Daily Mail, Lord Pearson and UKIP, the BnP, the Tories etc that immigrants are only one part of their agenda. Next comes the gays. Then the travellers. Then the single mums and unmarried parents. Then the unemployed. Then the trade-unionists. Then the 'bloated' devolved 'regions'. Then the leftie teachers. Then the atheists...

Aye, first they came for the Communists....

PS- Though i haven't heard of any Settler Watch activity for years, the Daily Express still likes to trot them out to scare its readers in case any of them might be tempted to vote SNP.