Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lib Dems go to bed with Thatcher's bastard children

Hands up who voted Lib Dumb? Then, hands up who voted Lib Dumb or Labour in order to keep the Tories out? Well, then you've just been humped big time. Tricky Nick Clegg has squeeze an Old Testament sized shit on the heads of those who voted 'progressive' to keep uber-privileged Eton boy Cameron from power.

Some points -
  • Can we trust the Lib Dems again? No. They've dug their cesspit and can fkn well sink in it. At next years Holyrood elections, the Lib Dem canvassers go onto my harassment list of anyone who comes near the hoose with propaganda. So, the Fib Dungs join Ukip, the English Nazis and Tories in line for gardyloo treatment.
  • As to Labour, their scare tactics didn't work. Will the 41% of Scots voters who voted for the skeletal God-botherer Jim Murphy now see that 'voting Labour to keep the Tories out' is worthless in Scotland. Only independence can save us from an electoral system that is weighted in the favour of right-wing English voters.
  • More Labour - do they really prefer Tory rule to independence or a pact with the SNP
True that when all is said and done, a Labour/Tory pact would've been closer ideologically. But this whole episode has gone to shedding some light though on the nature of the Lib Dems. Forever destined to be political prostitutes, ready to sell out to the highest bidder.

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