Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some questions regarding sectarianism in Scotland

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the new figures showing an increase in sectarian or 'hate crimes' does little or nothing to give us a clear picture of what's going on. Also unsurprising is the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland leaping on the figures in order to play up their victim-status. The RCC may be a minority of sorts in Scotland and the UK but in other countries it is very much the right-of-centre conservative institution that most of us here believe it to be. The RCC uses its influence to spread its own kind of hate - usually against homosexuals, women or those who deviate from the Pope's world-view such as those who use contraceptives. On this last point, it should be remembered that the number of people who have contracted the HIV virus due to not using condoms is probably in the millions.

First question is, 'Who really gets offended by so-called sectarian abuse?'

Like many Scots, I have a fair bit of Irish blood in my family tree on both sides and of both 'sects'. Despite a standard Scots Presbyterian upbringing in a non-denominational state school as well as occasional attendance at the local Presbyterian smiling school, I don't think of myself as a 'Proddie'. Indeed, I'm an atheist. Further to that, as I also have an interest in Celtic-based politics and Gaelic language, wish to see a united Ireland and independent Scotland, I guess I could also be called a 'Fenian'. So, if I were to be insulted by someone, would I be a dour Presbyterian, Fenian barsteward or a dangerous godless atheist?

In the figures, it seems as if almost half of the offences were committed against police officers. Now, the obvious question to that is, 'How the fck does one tell a Proddie from a Catholic police officer?' Perhaps, officers are obliged to introduce themselves first. So, if the polisman says 'Hi, my name is Seumas MacNeill', how am i to know if the man is a MacNeill from Catholic Barra or a Church of Scotland one from Colonsay? If he says, 'I am PC Maginnis', should I ask if he's an Ulster Unionist Maginnis or a Sinn-Fein one?

A further 10% were hospital staff, bouncers and taxi drivers. As with the cops, how is one meant to determine to which branch of Christianity your nurse or taxi driver adheres?

I'd also be interested in knowing how many of these victims were actually religious in the sense of attending church regularly, praying at night and not masturbating?

We are also told that 'only' one-third of charges were made at football grounds. But, I'd be interested in finding out, if possible, how many of those arrested, anywhere, were followers of one of the Old Firm clubs.

The Lord is our fkn shepherd, we shall not want.
Nil by Mouth also spoke of the need for 'nationwide' action as all but five of Scotland's local authorities had persons with convictions. Again, I wonder what percentage of convictions occurred in the authorities closest to Glasgow and its twin hornets nests of Ibrox and Celtic Park. And, as above, how many of those arrested in any authority were Old Firm fans?

I also notice that the Western Isles were among the authorities that were 'clean' regarding religious hatred. This too is strange. Not because of the ordinary locals who in some places like Benbecula go to different churches but send their kids to the same non-denom school but because of the words of those in the pulpits. I'm sure that a leisurely Google search will soon throw up statements from the various Presbyterian sects regarding the Pope being the Antichrist or else about 'heathen' Muslims threatening our way of life. Surely this is religious sectarianism in its purest form? 

Why should the Wee Frees - who know their mumbo jumbo inside out - get off while thick fitba fans who have never darkened the interior of a church are convicted of 'religious' hate offences?

If we are to move forward, we should treat tribal football-based hate crime for what it is. Equally though we should seek to remove real religion from public life as far as possible. This means no 'faith' schools run on public money - be they Catholic or Muslim. This also means an end to 'religious observance' in non-denominational schools.
All in all, this sorry saga is proof of Scotland's present backward status in some parts of our society. We can't blame it all on the Union and it isn't all doom and gloom but if ever there was a time to strive to emulate the civilised, prosperous and egalitarian nature of Norway -gun-toting conservatives excluded - then this is it. Not to mention the more marginalised nature of religion in our neighbour to the north.

Fuck religion. All of it.


Union Jack said...

Religio wise is saving this planet, and not imposing sectarian dogmas to justify the destruction of it for monied private profits.

Its the occupying of the Church, to make the ecological change to electing woman equally to all positions of authority so that the saving of the planet takes place.

The barbaric empires of 'so-called' civilizations destroyed the natural 50-50 electing of the man, woman question, the matriarchy, and in its place put male domination everywhere on the planet as present real time war misery, and depression that makes justice to the species happiness impossible, because male domination of the law making causes alienation, and total endangerment of the species extinction.

Such as calling WMD-weapons of mass destruction, such as 'nukes' of any forum, a victory. That is done by real barbarians possing as Christians, Buddists, Muslims, Shinto, or other variants and disbelievers of the life supporting organic ways of ecological balance.

The shit in the drink policies kills the web-of-life that we all need to live on as natural beings.

Six-overkill stockpile capacities are not a boding of well-beingness to the planets livability, yet each devil whorshiper demands they are necessary to protect their narrow interests.

Such disbelief is rife throughout the world, such as the 99% must occupy everywhere and end the one percent destruction of the planet for private monied interests only. They need to be put to 'working for a living' so as to correct themselves from a life dedicated to destruction for money.

Greed not need is the one percent, need not greed is the saving grace of the 99%. JC ran the money lenders out of the temples, yet the one percent is being bailed-out by the public treasury putting the money lenders in power again. Opposite to Robin Hood the real time hero who took from the rich and gave back to the poor. Thusly to make economic equitable distribution. Such one percent hypocracy would make any emperor blush, think even Julius Ceasar said to the leader of the British Tribes who fought the Roman Legions, he asked the liberation fighter 'Why did you fight me so hard. The British Tibal fighter said, 'I fought because we British tribes live a free lifestyle with a functioning matriarchy, and do not want or need to be made into slaves to any other foreign nation.

Ceasar said, Yes, that is a good answer, go and be free then, and let him leave his cage, and gave all the sedula that a free man of the Roman Empire required to live the free life style. Modern heads updating: So go and be free then by scrapping the worlds war machine and its manufactury and believe what you need to save the living of this beautiful planet for all the species. The liberation side of the second world war, set the goal of world liberation as the ending of aggressive war as any nations foreign policy. Workers of the world, unite!! Lose your prison chains and live for a peaceful organic way of life.

Anonymous said...

This was an intelligent article until the last line. It highlights the 'sectarianism' displayed against those with faith by those who declare they have none. I have faith and follow a religion but I respect those who don't. In an open-minded, liberal society we don't need people who say 'Fuck religion' because they are saying 'Fuck you' to those to whom religion (whichever one) is important. And that kind of attitude, more than anything else, will be what preserves Scotland's 'backward status'.

Tiffany said...

Sectarianism is an issue that persists all over Scotland. The causes and origins of the problem are debatable but we can all agree that it has gone on for too long. Violence has never proven to be a solution to any problem. Although ribaldries and disagreements are sometimes expressed in the form of jokes and name-calling, people should be aware that it is still a form of sectarian behavior. Educating people about the consequences of sectarianism is the best way to eradicate the problem.