Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes men from south of the border

The days of portraying pro-independence Scots - sometimes called 'Nats' - as anti-English have more or less gone. These days though, you're more likely to have the likes of the 'Poison Dwarf' of New Labour, Brian Wilson rolled out to argue the... 'positive' case for the Union?

Maybe not then. His latest outpouring of bitterness in Da Hootsmon mainly argues that working class Scots are much the same as working class English.

So far, so good. Shame he doesn't extend his logic to proposing that Ireland applies to be ruled from London once more. Or are the Irish working classes different somehow? Hell, why not get the French working classes ruled by David Cameron and William fckng Hague as well?

It's an obvious point that's been made before but surely to be internationalist you first need to add your own nation to the mix?

Let us stand in solidarity with the poor of England. But where does Scotland being ruled by London-based millionaires fit into this?

Here then are three progressive Englanders who very much welcome Scottish independence. Just don't expect to hear their views in the West Highland Free Pravda anytime soon.

Ken Loach, filmmaker

If I had the change to be independent from the Tory-Liberal-New Labour bunch, I 'd jump at it. Scotland has the right to hold any referendum it likes. The English ruling class are such dyed-in-the-wool imperialists that they can't conceive anything can happen without your approval. But I think: go for it. Other colonised countries have asserted their independence.

Billy Bragg, singer-songwriter

Jaz Coleman, composer and frontman of Killing Joke


Anonymous said...

Many people, like myself, live in far-off outposts - in my case its the Borders.
The internet is as slow as treacle and won't speed up any time this century.
Therefore I ignore any videos as I don't have three lifetimes available to wait for them to download.
Please use text.

David said...

That's unfortunate as the videos are excellent.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you can get the internet on a Vic 20.