Monday, May 14, 2012

When opposites collide: Welsh and Hunt

This caught my eye over on the good ship Bella Caledonia. Watch it. Can you spot the nationalist?

Irvine Welsh spells out the problem for some lefties and ex-lefties like Labour. The likes of Welsh and many ordinary Scots want no truck with a big beefy nation that strides the 'world stage' like the school bully. We just want to get on with our lives and want the right to prioritise our needs and those of our community. As James Kelman recently said, 'Scottish independence is about self-determination.'

Scotland's history like that of many other nations has its fair share of fighting, especially amongst each other. Sure, when the usurpers came, we kicked their soft southern/ hairy Norse/ bronzed Roman bottoms. Sometimes. But apparently, the need to be seen to be 'powerful' is all important to some.

But this is 2012. Empires are not cool no more.

No-one in Scotland really wants to be part of the big cock on the block.

Tristram Hunt does.

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