Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's still Scotland's oil and Moore's Norway

So, the annual Gers report spells out what we should already all know about the potential value of Scotland's oil. Unfortunately, this wealth is still flowing into London's black hole and not into a Scottish trust fund, a la the wise Norwegians.

There is probably decades' worth of oil left. We could add that to our whisky revenue, renewable energy dividends, tourism cash etc... and then subtract what the UK wastes on WMDs, illegal wars and other occupations of third world countries, the Royal Family etc.

Labour's bum-chinned bampot Andy Kerr (a name originating in Gaelic which can be translated at 'wrong') says that its all crap and does his best to downplay the good news. Its become something of a tribal duty to denigrate Scotland or her potential whilst ignoring similar and successful nations such as Norway. It says much of Anndra Ceàrr that he would prefer a Britain under Tory rule than an independent Scotland that could possibly be under a more progressive Labour rule - assuming that an independent Scottish Labour party would return to some of its more progressive and traditional values.

Meanwhile, Kerr could do worse than view the out-take - 'Is Norway Utopia' - from Michael Moore's film Sicko in which he sheds light on the nature of Norwegian society. Would Andy Kerr really tell these Norwegians that they would be better off being ruled by Sweden again? Or even by London???


naldo said...

I think you're right that Andy Kerr and a few like him in the Peoples' Party would rather we were opressed by a shower of right wing anti-welfare state nutters than set free to pursue our own agenda. Theyr'e caught up in mutual hatred of the SNP which holds back socialism and independence.

We've just had the scariest, least progressive budget forced on us and i can only hope Libdems are held as complicit and the Labour Party seen as impotent in the face of it.

Unfortunately in Scotland, the only viable electoral alternative is the SNP - a party which has hardly set the heather alight in government and whose pompous leader gives independence a very bad name indeed.

Until the Party boys put away their toys and have a long hard think about how to push progressive politics forward, we're gonna keep slidin ever further down a right wing English gutter. We deserve better and should demand better of our politicians.

Andy Kerr, Alex Salmond? FFS.

Mac an t-Srònaich said...

Its like fitba teams for Labour except they're playing tribal politics with folks' lives and jobs here. To call the LibDems the whores of politics would do these working women a disservice.

Meanwhile, there's another huge oil find in the North Sea. Could be great news for Scotland. Could be, in the right hands.