Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Milestones and millionaires

Yesterday's 'milestone' of the 300th death in Afghanistan of the British occupiers was grim. It seems as if it's already been surpassed by another fatality. Mealy-moothed Cameron may praise their bravery, but is their sacrifice of any benefit to us? Can any of us - even your diehard Labour and Tory warmonger - honestly say that your average Scot is reaping the benefits of trying to contain a hornets nest of our own making?

Not only are we failing to defeat the Taleban/ Al Queda (flashback a few years and you could replace that with the USSR/ IRA) but 'we' are actively making enemies. Valleys of neutral or previously supportive tribesmen have often been bombed by mistake. This, like the British massacre on Bloody Sunday, has the effect of bolstering anti-US/ Brit resistance and creating it where none existed.

Meanwhile and despite this Orwellian permawar and the continuing effects of the recession, we see millionaire footballers at the World Cup pouting like spoilt bairns and throwing their pishpots at their managers. Worst offenders have been the French. Having exited the tournament only a few hours ago, I hope these Pop Idol excuses for footballers get a roasting on their return. England are little better, what with their daily whinging of being 'bored'! Millionaire duds, holed up in a luxury hotel, playing golf, giving TV interviews, watching their competitiors and yet getting 'bored'.

I look forward to England exiting at the hands of the Slovenians and then been posted to the shittiest and most hostile poverty ridden township you can find in South Africa to face real fkn 'boredom'.

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