Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anyone but Engerland

Partly due to my German better half, I'm supporting Germany. The other part wants nothing to do with the xenophobia, immigrant-phobia and disgusting Lib-Dem Conservatism that is gripping England at the moment. Partly also to the abuse my German partner and her clients received in a Fort William hotel from a party of middle-aged English tourists when the English refused to support their Euro neighbours. Funny that!

So, when England's media and their knuckleheided fans can bring themselves to celebrate the historic links between Germany and England, such as their common Anglo-Saxon tongue, patron saint, Royal Family and traditional habit of marching into other countries, I might bring myself to support them when they play anyone.


naldo said...

Seems fair enough to me.

I don't have the handy reason of a German partner but i'll be supporting anyone but England for pretty much the same reason as i support anyone but Hibs.

They're my nearest and dearest rivals and i wish them all the failure in the world.

I'm actually right up for the Netherlands cos i like the way they play fitba and have done since they were cheated in the final against hosts in 74 and 78. But USA would be barry anaw.

Mac an t-Srònaich said...

Anyone but Hibs?! It's got to the point that I feel sorry for the Hibees. With their 'best' season in years they only managed to scrape 4th place and still failed to break their Cup 'hoodoo' - getting taught lesson by the mighty Ross County. Little wonder that Andy Murray is a Hibee!

The Dutch are a bit like the French, they tend to under perform despite all the talent they possess. I actually don't care who wins - Germany is the gf's choice. As long as it isn't England. The sight of David Cameron - surely he's a rugger man?! - crowing 'come on England' put me off my breakfast.

Eddie 21 said...