Saturday, February 11, 2012

Future past times in London with Queen Fabio

Kind of. But why does London-centric English society revel in the past? Any nation could be forgiven for wanting to relive past glories. We remember Bannockburn for example, though I'd say that for 99% of those wanting independence for Scotland, a glorious victory over invading oppressors in 1314 is not a blueprint for a future progressive Scotland. Neither do we want another crack at the Darien scheme.

Not so for much of English society. The past is being regurgitated quicker than Boris Johnson can cough up blond hairballs.

There's the minor matter of the England football manager's position. Fabio, the swarthy foreigner, has been sent packing back to Italy. Not only that but he should never really have come in the first place despite the English FA offering him £6m. Jawn Terwy may not be an out an out Nazi and more of village idiot but, either way he is not really 'role model' stuff. Surely though the manager of any team should be consulted on team selection? Has Vladamir Romanov bought the FA?

Therefore, the role models of the tabloid press are calling for steadfast woight Englishman to deliver what England expects. Now that Argentina are gurning once more about those Malvinas, they need someone who can sock it to the Argies in EURO 2012. Now there's a conundrum! If the Malvinas are 'British' and therefore European, why can't nearby Argentina join in EURO 2012?

Never mind, the new woightman in the English hot-seat could always feed the tabloid dogs by having a go at the Germans who England defeated in two world wars and one world cup. The Germans should be easy pickings as they've never won any major trophy and their economy is in tatters due to having adopted the Euro.

Speaking of Germans though, it's the diamond jubilee of Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg. Now, what could be more fitting in this glorious 60th year of her reign than to give her the England manager's job. On one hand, the tabloids would have their 'pure' Englishperson at the helm but on the other, it would also satisfy the lefties as the FA would now become a beacon for gender equality.

We no longer have a woman PM in Downing Street but David Cameron and his younger twin, Nick Clegg are champin at the bit to show that they can match the Iron Lady for warmongering in times of hardship. The economy is still fckd, their plans to wreck the NHS are coming unstuck and the Porridge Wogs in Scotchland are refusing to bend to London's will. After joining with the French to kick Gadaffi's ass, what better than Falklands Manager 2012?

After all, the population of the Malvinas are all woight and they love the Union Jack more than their brethern in Belfast so its our duty to defend... er their right to self-determination. Just hope the Jocks don't get wind of that. The idea that 'Britain' may have in the past ejected present islanders and replaced them with a bunch of sheep farmers from Scotland and Wales is irrelevant. In fact, recent research by English historian David Starkey shows that tectonic forces pushed the islands from their former position off the Devon coast to their current far-flung remoteness in the Southern Hemisphere.

All in all, there's never been a better time to break away though in the meantime I could live with the Sex Pistols or Laibach hitting number one this summer.


OllieGarkey said...

So you're one of the feared "Cyber-Nats" that Labour politicos keep complaining about! With good reason, I see, after reading your blog.

I've been trying to find you guys just to figure out what in the fuck is going on with the UK and Scotland.

I enjoyed your rundown on the Falklands/Malvinas situation, and I've read most of your recent posts. I especially enjoyed the one about what 2011 would be called.

I'm an American Blogger in NYC. I've been going down to Zuccotti since the occupation started, but for a while longer than that, I've been trying to keep people updated on the UK, which a lot of Americans see as our closest ally.

My yankee countrymen are going to be shocked as hell when the UK suddenly ceases to exist in a few years time.

The American coverage of the Scottish Elections is laughably inept. Total US Coverage of the SNP: One article in the New York Times, written by an intern, did not appear in print, but was buried on their website; mentioned in passing on NPR as part of a larger discussion on the European union; total coverage: six paragraphs in print, thirty seconds of audio.

That's it.

They don't know anything about the SNP, while I've been watching with absolute glee.

I hoped there would be more of a constitutional republican flavor to it, as Wilhelm might pull off the impossible and make the monarchy popular again.

You don't have to approve this comment, but I'm wondering how to get in touch with you? I'm wondering about your willingness to repost some of your work over at an American political website. I blog under the handle OllieGarkey over at DailyKos. Please don't let the orange and the "liberal democrats" thing scare you away, we're talking about democrats in the American political sense, which is every american on the left who actually cares about fighting the 1% rather than bitching impotently about it.

Our main tactic is to kick our own party in the balls until it decides to grow a spine. Considering global drone strikes, the assassination of American citizens with said drones, the drumbeat to war with Iran, and the continued existence of the global financial gambling establishment, we're not as successful as we would otherwise like to be.

We're those dastardly "Progressives" that the republicans keep calling anarcho-atheist communist hippienazis. Or something less coherent.

I've been cackling at your description of the labour forlorn hopefulls and the eventual leadership of Johann, who's about as exciting as watching paint dry and about as quick as a glacier. At least grey would amusingly trip over himself at FMQ, Johann just kind of... is there. Plodding away. Asking the same question no matter how many times Salmond refutes it.

Anyway, drop me a line. My throwaway email is

I'll respond with an e-mail from my real e-mail account. I don't want every spammer on earth sending crap to my real e-mail.

Anonymous said...

The Argentinian have our own teutonic cross flamming in MALVINAS, the cross of the cavalry of Juan Manuel de Rosas, JAJAJA