Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A letter to Johann Lamont

Dear Ms Lamont,

I am writing regarding the recent council tax cuts imposed on the people of Stirling and the employees of Stirling Council. It appears that the local Labour Party actually opposed their own proposal and united with the Tories. As an employee of Stirling Council and active trade unionist, I am deeply worried about the effects of this on public services and jobs in Stirling. Many schools are now without specialist teachers in the areas of music, art and Gaelic and I fail to see how these cuts will improve this situation.


It would appear that the average household in the Stirling area will save only £12 a year. Unfortunately, the impact on pay and conditions, jobs and public services will not be so slight.

As I understand it, Labour has in recent years condemned the council tax freeze as a threat to jobs and services. It makes me wonder how Labour imagine that uniting with the Tories to deliver tax cuts will protect our jobs and services.


Lastly, in view of this, do you still expect us to vote Labour this week?

I look forward to your reply.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent article, mind you don't hold your breath waiting on a meaningful response:)