Wednesday, November 23, 2011

St Andrews Young Conservatives get mean!

St Andrews University was their third choice. But now the dangleberries of OxBridge are showing how mean they can be. The trouble is, after the Scottish Tories put a kind of progressive foot forward by electing a lesbian leader, the lynching of a Barack Obama effigy makes the Tories look like the nasty extremists most of us still think them to be.

Of course, 'harmless fun' is a bit of a young Tory rite of passage. Who would argue that the lynch-lords and ladies of St Andrews won't be leading an independent England sometime in the future?

Due to having friends in News International, Tocasaid was able to hack into the St Andrews Tory student electronic yearbook and dig up some interesting pics.

Digby, Jeremy, Nigel and Tristan get into the Movember mood.

Wicked! Our boys are a special kind of Village People.

Here are the boys on the streets, marching for cuts.

Hurrah! Jasper manages to land his plane on the beach! 

  Breakfast at Mosleys.

Though we love Ruth Davidson, nothing gives us the horn more than Venetia in her shiny robes.
Who said Tories were homophobic? Here's some post-rugger high-jinks. Ouch!

After all this, who wouldn't be a Brit Nat? Now, if Labour had any youth left in their party, I wonder what they'd get up to?

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