Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spot the hooligan

In the current angst ridden climate of soul-searching and moral debate, Tocasaid feels obliged to chuck in its six cents worth. One of these men is a danger to society. To help you guess, some here's some clues:
  • One grew up on an estate where he didn't have to work and had everything provided for him.
  • One man has admitted to causing criminal damage to a posh restaurant as a member of school gang.
  • One has a close work colleague and 'friend' who is a convicted arsonist.
  • One has a friend, known as 'Boris', who has also been involved in vandalism whilst in a school gang. Apparently, he now 'runs London'.
  • One is the leader of a large 'crew' who are currently engaged in killing and mass destruction in a north African country.
  • One has a close friend and 'soul mate' who has been convicted of being a peeping-tom and of invading others' privacy.
  • One is 'top dog' in a gang of swindlers who have defrauded the tax payer - that's YOU - of millions of pounds in order to give themselves a decadent life of luxury. And duckhouses for their ponds.
Having worked out the correct answer, the next question is 'what do we do with this scumbag?'. Answers on the back of a Job Seeker's Allowance Form please.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hang him and his like from the gallows