Tuesday, August 9, 2011

England's Arab Summer - time to name and shame

As someone old enough to remember the riots of Brixton and Toxteth in the 1980s as well as the mass unemployment caused by a hated Tory government, there's a sense of deja-vu about this - our very own Arab Summer. 

The morality of today's rioters isn't that clear cut though. On one hand, its not just cops and shops that are the targets but ordinary people's homes. On the other hand, if you're an unemployed person, young or middle-aged, and have sat and watched greedy bankers wreck the economy and be rewarded with fat bonuses as well as corrupt Westminster MPs line their pockets then you may think, 'Well, they lead, I'll follow'.

Add to that mixture, the revelations of Rupert Murdoch's sick News International empire break the law by spying on ordinary people and by paying corrupt police for information. The police themselves seem to kill with impunity and when held to account are never charged with murder like other murderers. As well as that, we've seen successive Labour and Tory governments override international law and wage war on small 'undemocratic' nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. We've heard Cameron talk in glowing terms of the rioters in Syria and Libya though the freedom fighters on the streets of Bahrain were a bit too close to upsetting his oil-rich pals in Saudi Arabia.

"But" says the Daily Mail and outraged conservative navel-gazers everywhere, "if these people want change, they can just vote."

Those 'nice' rioters in Syria.

To be frank though, just who the fuck are unemployed English youths of any racial background meant to vote for? Every single one of the big three Ugly Sisters of Westminster - Labour, Tory and Lib Dem are run by privately educated millionaires. Even the lunatic fringe parties of UKIP and the BNP are lead by wealthy wide-boys with posh accents. The present ConDem government can only just scrape together more than 50% of those who voted with only 1 in 3 voting for Cameron and those voters mostly in England. No wonder Gaddaffi thinks that the UK has no right to challenge his leadership of Libya.

England and by extension, Scotland, have some of the most iniquitous societies in Europe. Under Labour, the gap between rich and poor actually widened. The whole Labour/ Tory circus at Westminster is like some kind of mutual masturbation love-in. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were inspired by Thatcher. David Cameron was inspired by Tony Blair. Nick Clegg is inspired by David Cameron. In London, we have the buffoon Boris Johnson - the kind of Eton caricature who is inspired by lighting his own farts.

As things stand the best employment opportunities for many young people in parts of England and Scotland are in the armed forces. That's your choice - dole queue or Taleban target. Why seek to hold the Olympic torch when you can go and torch the Armani store?

Back in the day, I remember a bus load of Hearts' supporters - many of them striking miners - returning from an away game cheer loudly when the radio announced the death of a policemen in rioting in London. Today, there will be many who look to England and say, 'destroy our jobs and communities, destroy society and this is what you get'.

The need for Scotland to divorce itself from this kind of society and aim for a progressive and egalitarian society as we see in the small Nordic nations has never been greater.

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pictishbeastie said...

This is the best commentary I've read on the whole matter! Well done!