Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's leave guys like this in the gutter

This man may hate me for it but I'm off out to vote for an independent and progressive Scotland. This includes a Scotland that welcomes newcomers. For, if we get too tight-arsed about immigration and reckon that stopping foreigners coming here will improve our lives (??!!!) then that begs the question, 'what do we do with home-grown fckwits like this?'

Answers in the comments section below.

So, here's hoping that there's a healthy vote for the SNP. The backward and corrupt London parliament isn't the best platform for democracy - any system that could allow Labour to still be the biggest party an yet lag in 3rd place in percentage of votes is cac. Though the international election observers from North Korea are thought to be impressed by what they've seen.

Therefore, the progressive parties that seek independence - SNP and Greens - should wait for next year's Scottish elections for their big push. Maybe the 6 and a half Socialist parties we have could maybe unite for it too?

Here's to an independent and progressive Scottish republic.

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