Sunday, May 16, 2010

The definitive Nick Clegg

Clegg: sucks blood of various animals

Far be it for me to enter into traditional 'tribal' Scottish politics but... the Lib Dems deserve it. Their charming and trained actor of a leader is now under more scrutiny than ever before. I bet he wishes he'd gone for the real X-Factor instead of the presidential debates. Never mind, one look at the Free Dictionary says it all. Are the Lib Dems political chancers and parasites, devoid of principles and substance? Let's find out...

Aye... "sucks blood of various animals". OK, the gender may be out, but this sounds true.

Is 'nick' any better? Well "a shallow notch" rings the bells of recognition. But also, "to cheat", "to wound slightly" and "to steal". Surely not? This about the leader of a party that found itself in third place in terms of the popular vote in both England and Scotland? If Brown had no mandate to continue, why does the Gadfly think that his party enjoys the ringing endorsement of the electorate?

The new Lib Dem Scottish Secretary, Danny Alexander doesn't fill one with confidence either. Its not only that he fills the office that he previously wished to eliminate but seeing him act like David Cameron's meek and mute colonial lap dog on his visit to Holyrood last week was pretty emblematic of the spineless nature of the new Lib Dems.

Roll on Holyrood 2011 and Lib Dem meltdown.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

What's the gaelic for horsefly?

Mac an t-Srònaich said...

Creithleag nan Each.

Poor Clegg, a multilingual atheist with a brown nose.