Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is Rod Liddle the new Woodrow Wyatt?

, deluded political butterfly, Christian loony wifebeater and fat middle-aged windbag Rod Liddle aka MonkeymanMFC is in soapy bubble - to coin a term from the patois of the indigenous Little Engerland tribe. This man has surely outdone the late Woodrow Wyatt in political flitting having travelled from Trotskyist to full blown Nazi goosestepper complete with testicular deficit.

I don't have actual proof regarding the Nazi goosestepping bit but if prejudice without reason or evidence is good for God-Rod, then it's good enough for me, for the time being.

Rod, it would seem, is to reasoned and responsible reporting what Fred West was to hospitality. Some extensive research on his Wiki page -not always a credible source but WTF this guy believes the bible FFS! - tells us that he started his political life in student-based Trots, the Socialist Workers Party. As the son of a train driver he must have stood out like a sare thumb. The trauma of being the only prole in the SWP village drove poor Rod into the arms of a group of sincere and radical horny handed sons of toil known as New Labour. His task in the Labour collective was to write speeches and prayers. From there he went on to produce 'provocative' documentaries attacking atheists and immigration.

Interesting though that he doesn't see any dogmatic quasi-religion holding together those who don't believe in the Loch Ness monster when surely the existence of a large prehistoric creature is more credible than some kind of vague guy in the sky. Interesting too that his belief in an Abrahamic god is itself a product of immigration and multi-culturalism. If he's too thick to know that Jesus wasn't white and English and that Christianity itself is a brochan of various ancient creation theories from different cultures, then just what is it that makes him different from the Christian Militia braindoners we see above?

His programme on immigration was also interesting in that he allowed fat toff Nick Griffin of the English Nazi Party an unchallenged platform for his backward views. His claims that he was giving Griffin enough rope to hang himself never really washed. Especially now that he has descended to writing racist messages on a Millwall FC fans forum under the name of 'MonkeymanMFC'. What a dick.

Rod Piddle is now whinging about 'freedom of speech'. Bullshit. It won't wash. He propagated lies and prejudice masquerading as facts when no evidence was provided. And using the Daily Mail is not 'evidence'!! For more on this, see the excellent Daily Mail watch and Straight Statistics blogs for more info on the DM's twisting of stats to promote racism. No one is denying that some blacks in London may be violent but are people with a darker skin - darker than what i wonder? - really responsible for most violent crime in the cesspit that is London? Who then has been responsible for gangland violence in Glasgow going back decades or more? I can't imagine that there were many blacks in the razor gangs in the 1920s and 30s.

Lets add some more logic. Does a persons skin colour actually mean anything in terms of liability to commit crime? I can't see how. Especially when you consider that race doesn't actually exist in biological terms. In the eyes of science, we are all homo-sapiens. As the philosopher AC Grayling says in his book The Meaning of Things, "race is a social, cultural and political concept based on superficial appearances and historical conditions."

Hey, but Rod is a Christian. Cool, that's his freedom. But Rod, in the real world 'faith' ain't good enough - we need evidence. Evidence and reason is where we get our medicines and computers from. Otherwise, any deluded crackpot could have us killing our neighbours, lynching blacks or burning witches on the say so of some 'god' or it's appointed mortal ambassador - be it David Icke or Rodney Liddle.


naldo said...

What's this aboot the MonkeymanMFC thing? How'd ye ken it's him?

I kent he wiz a bitto a tube but wouldnae have had him doon as one o them.

Mac an t-Srònaich said...

Aye, it's 'MonkeyMFC'. Am not a reader of Millwall fans' forum but read about it on yon wiki page and in the Guardian.


Even the Daily Mail reported it.

The guy's a tube allright.