Monday, March 1, 2010

Patriot games with Dave and the tax dodgers

It's Dave 'fae the estate' Cameron's patriotic duty to maintain the system whereby MPs and their rich pals scratch each others' backs. With the expenses scandal still fresh in the memory, its incredible that the Ugly Sisters of Tory and Labour persist with their sickening but 'still within the letter of the law' practises. Today, Cameron's boss and Tory Party owner Lord Ashcroft has revealed that despite bankrolling the vile Conservatives for years, he is a tax dodger who prefers to count his many millions from the safety of Belize.

The great Lord Ashcroft's admission comes on the same day that mass murderer and fellow non-tax payer, the Yorkshire Ripper, has applied to be let loose on the public. Here's an idea, send the pair of them to Belize, together.

The Tories' only defence is that London Labour are equally corrupt. Though, one of Labour's wealthy pals in the House of Lards was actually a Tory appointee. Who gives a shit? The upshot of it all is that whoever wins the Westminster election, the Labour/Tory roundabout will continue. This will see more backscratching between the likes of party bosses and 'influential' multi-millionaires and billionaires who seek a Lordship in return for bankrolling these idiots' political campaigns. This is what passes for Great British democracy. The likes of Ashcroft who pay little if any tax here get to fund crucial political campaigns in marginal constituencies - like some kind of expensive remote control from sunny Belize.

Then we have the disgusting Rupert Murdoch - hands up those who still subscribe to Murdoch's MySpace? Not cool, unless 'I'm a Sun Reader' is a badge of pride. - who reckons that he can 'choose' the next government. And, sure enough, both Labour and Tory are now talking about 'amending' the BBC charter after the election. Dirty Murdoch doesn't like the fact that the BBC, however imperfect, is actually accountable and a damn sight more impartial than the cac that he passes of as media. He probably ain't too chuffed that the BBC operates many websites, radio stations and other media, much of it educational, for a whole range of different language communities.

Unfortunately, our nation of social-networking junkies - Sun readers of the digital age - seem happy with or at least indifferent to the status quo. 'Great' Britain is a stinking cesspit of corrupt backward politics and ideologies. Hell, even the Falklands dispute is raising its head again as Cruel Brittania gets a whiff of oil wealth at the other side of the planet and sets sail to waive the rules.

Scotland is a small nation with valuable natural wealth, an ancient and globally recognised culture and a small population that is relatively unimpressed with empire building and waging war on third world countries. We should take the chance to strengthen our revived parliament, break away from corrupt Westminster and join with other small nations for the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, one of Dave's big ideas for change, is to bring back foxhunting for his toff pals. Hey, we all know they'd hunt the poor if they could.


naldo said...

Groovy post, pointing out a good few reasons why independence for Scotland would be a very good thing for the rest of the English empire. It needs a damn good shake up.

Mac an t-Srònaich said...

Aye, am not very party political but independence has got to be the way forward. Need to cut loose all the pomp, pap and corruption of London. Sooner the better!