Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Günter Grass, Richard Dawkins etc...

Surprise, surprise. Grass compares Israeli aggression with Iranian repression and states the obvious when comparing Israel to a bully. Therefore, he is "anti-Semitic". He is also German and has a moustache. Also, like the Pope, he had a thing going with the SS during his ignorant youth.

On the other hand, anarchist punk band Oi Polloi have faced similar criticism from some in Germany for their pro-Palestinian stance. Though this is the same stance that Oi Polloi's tour and label-mates, Israeli peace-activists Nikmat Olalim take. Hebrew-speaking Israeli anti-semites? Or maybe some, on whatever side, see the never-ending cycle of violence as past its sell-by-date?

Israel's government have reacted predictable fury and banned Grass from travelling to yon war-torn holy land. One voice of reason decreed that Grass should go to Iran if he likes it so much there. Except of course, he doesn't which is why Iran - or its leaders - were also criticised.

Which begs the question. Is Richard Dawkins sectarian for criticising the Catholic Church? Sure, those who say so are missing the bigger fuckin picture and are the probably the kind of blinkered morons who see the entire world in simple black and white terms. Anyway, here's a few more simpull black and white statements to mull over...
  • George Galloway hates publicity
  • The Old Firm are good for Scottish football
  • The Lib Dems are to be trusted
  • Scottish Labour is very relevant to the future of Scotland
  • Trident missiles keep the peace and keep us all safe
  • The English Defence League are a repository of culture and Anglo-Saxon intillegence
  • The Tories are not a London-centric grouping of self-serving millionaires 
  • bankers and company CEOs deserve higher pay as it attracts the right people - nurses, teachers, firefighters and other public servants deserve less pay as it attracts the right people

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