Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crow v. Galloway

The RMT were not my union, but it was clear that Bob Crow fought tooth and nail for his members and the working class. He had more passion and progressive politics in his wee finger than the like of George Galloway who exists solely to further the ego and publicity of George Galloway. Also, unlike Galloway and some on the Labour and ex-Labour left, Crow embraced the progressive possibilities of independence.

“I think what Scotland went through under Thatcher it should never have to go through again with this lot and if it was independent, it could be a beacon to the rest of Britain to show that there can be a much more equitable distribution of wealth then there is at present. If you could get hold of the Brent oil fields and the gasses and minerals that surround Scotland then people could be a lot better off than they are now.” Crow said that Scotland was one of his favorite places and that he was “absolutely in love” with the Western Isles.

Perhaps as a result of being English, he didn't have the loathing or cringe that some Scots have towards their culture. Indeed, as you can hear below, Galloway doesn't even recognise Scottish culture. Gaelic and Shinty in particular cause him grief. Kudos to the young guy from Ireland who tackles Galloway on this and who persists despite the bullying and bellowing from Galloway.

Pardon my Gaelic, George but you're an amadan a' chac.

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Cantonal said...

I was directed to this site by Iain Mac on today’s comments page of The Scotsman (so-called) piece on Bob Crow.

Galloway is every inch the odious, self-serving creep his public persona demonstrates. He is a pathological Scotland hater (a proponent of Irish independence but not Scotland’s) ... I won't go into the whys and wherefores of his vile and verbose attack here on Scottish culture (of which he denies any knowledge and clearly his deep-seated hatred prevents); his Irish Catholicism is ingrained into his truly thick skull.

He bellows without thinking. The England-domiciled Irish guy had him on the ropes several times and Galloway the coward knew it by attempting to divert.

To counter his ridiculous diatribe on shinty, let me inform this slimy enemy of my country that both my daughters played shinty for their primary school in the 1980s - in the north-east of England.

If ever there was a face that wanted a makeover big time, it belongs to Galloway. I'll be the first to volunteer although I might get trampled in the rush.