Monday, March 30, 2015

Labour/ Ukip coalition on the cards?

Many have looked on with a morbid fascination as Labour in recent years has moved further and further to the right. It's been truly horrible though the reality of what's happened has been evident enough. It's as if Jackie Baillie rolled up to your house just to squat on your lawn and lay a huge steaming log. You'd look on, intoxicated by the novelty of the scene but horrified by the spectacle and consequences.

And, what are the consequences of Labour's latest attack on Johnny Foreigner? I hate to think.

Or to put it another way, Labour are unashamedly going for the racist/ Ukip/ Bnp/ EDL/ Britain First vote at a time when the Daily Mail's bogeyman du jour, Alex Salmond, is talking up the benefits of immigration.

For the Middle-England audience, Labour have been falling over themselves to distance the party from the SNP. Yet up here, Murphy is trying to airbrush his many past misdemeanours by embracing any 'Clause 4' ideology from free tuition to free prescriptions.

Labour too should be confronting the Little Englanders head-on instead of stoking their fears. Whether they come from Germany or Nigeria, whether to pick our veg or perform brain surgery - immigration is good. Culturally too, the benefits are evident all around us. The fact there are some dinosaurs in every group of people - be they immigrants or 'natives' - who are scared of 'the other' makes it all the more important to stand up to the bullshit of the anti-immigration rhetoric. Labour have form on this though. From local-campaign leaflets to Gordon Brown lifting NF slogans from the 1970s - British Jobs for British Workers.

Why does this need to spelled out in the year 2015?

And the consequences? The political spectrum of the 'paedo-parliament' in Westminster is pulled further to the right. Roll on the next indy-ref.

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Mairéad Ní Dhuinn said...

If it's 'racist' to reject migration as Government policy then what's the point of representation as a citizen - or in the Scottish case - a British 'national'? In the southern counties of Ireland - where leftist academics acknowledge mass migration has taken place over 15yrs - it's considered 'racist' to speak Gaelic on Dublin's public transport. Low-wage migration during a property bubble had debate snuffed out as 'racist' (EU/Nice Treaty I/II) and now (unofficially) the 26 counties still in recession is seeing increased competition in a neo-liberal race to bottom for wages. So, Marxists want open borders and Libertarians want rid-of welfare state. Where's the hope for the citizen who can only accept as articles of faith the promises given by elected politicians?