Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bowie 1 - Scotland 2

Bowie? Or Moss? Who wrote the words? I've never really been a Bowie fan and it would be petty of me to reveal that his shit-anthem 'Changes' makes my ears bleed just because he's apparently come out against Scottish self-determination. I'd like him to try and find Scotland on a map though.

The Brits has long been a sickening spectacle. Kate Bowie's wittering is nothing compared to the glories of the past. Glories such as KLF above upsetting the apple cart by playing on-stage with Extreme Noise Terror and then 'maching gunning' the audience with blanks.

No, some of the best voices to counteract Moss-Bowie's four words are English. Novelist Tony Parsons said, "Love David Bowie until the day I die but I can't help feeling that Alex Salmond would not make his case via Kate Moss dressed in a Babygro."

In the world of music, there are two answers to Bowie-Moss. First is Billy Bragg:
Now the singer-songwriter thinks the prospect of an independent Scotland throws up the chance of a New England – to borrow the title of one of one of his most famous songs from the early 1980s.
Almost a decade ago, English-born Bragg wrote the song Take Down the Union Jack – a typically tubthumping anti-monarchist political number about the end of the British empire – and now says that the only way England can politically “wake up” is if Scotland becomes independent.

However, Bragg’s comments about Salmond “putting forward a nationalism that’s inclusive and mature – something that we don’t have in England” – may provoke disdain from some on the English left who have long feared the prospect of Tory domination in Westminster should Scotland gain independence.

Bragg says: “There will be a political realignment if Scotland becomes independent. We won’t be British any more. We’ll be English.” But his calls for a party south of the Border in the tradition of the SNP, whom he says have shown the English left how it can be done, is probably the most controversial view offered by this Labour-supporting musician.

Bragg and Bowie both played in Berlin in the 80s. Only Bragg made it to the east though.

For music and attitude that's got more edge to it, you could turn to the infamous Angelic Upstarts whose singer Mensi - seen below in a documentary on Anti-Fascist Action - wrote recently on Facebook:
Im all for Scottish independence. I wish we could have north east independence. if Scotland got independence I think I would move there.

The last word, not on Scottish independence, but on the Brits itself comes from another Sasannach - not a derogatory term btw - Charlie Brooker...

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