Friday, December 10, 2010

The battle for the Winterval Number One!

Lets face it, the auld pagan tradition of Winter Solstice was usurped by those with a fancy for a Middle-Eastern version of the ancient death/ re-birth belief. Some would argue that we return Xmas to its original roots by sacrificing a lamb or two to ensure that springtime will return. Far be it for me to suggest that Nick Clegg or the newly evil Vince Cable get flung on the fire but for starters, how about joining in the traditionally crass and consumerist effort to get your fave song to Number One?

To have a chance, the chosen song should be downloaded from I-Tunes or the Wikileaks hating Amazon in the week starting December 13th.

My current fave is Captain Ska with Liar Liar.

Coming up close - a pun that would delight Knut - is Kunt and the Gang with the Nick Clegg Story. Facebook page here.

And lastly, a long shot maybe, but my transferable vote goes to the auld punk classic Banned from the Roxy by punk legends Crass. Fouled-mouthed anger from 1978 that paved the way for a whole raft of DIY politics, art and philosophy. Buy it here and leave a comment supporting Wikileaks. Sing along to the lyrics here. Here's Crass frontman Steve Ignorant leading the carol singing at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms recently.


This December, let's keep Christ out of Xmas and indulge in some pagan consumerism. 

Do they think guitars and microphones are just fucking toys?

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Conan the Librarian™ said...

Well, there's a Facebook campaign tro get Cliff...

Only Kidding.