Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ailidh Mal - Illicit distiller from Kintail

From 'Am Baile' - Ailidh Mal was a very popular man because he made really good whisky! All sorts of people and animals are waiting for Ailidh to come back from his secret still so that they can get a shot of his latest brew. In fact, everyone's getting very impatient and they keep asking his brother and sister, who are both on the lookout, where Ailidh is and when he might come. Make sure you answer correctly or the Red Coats will come and chase everyone away!

Duncan 'Stalker' Matheson of Kintail, the local seanchaidh once told Gaelic telly of the exploits of Ailidh Mal. According to Duncan, who i believe is still with us, his parents on their wedding night enjoyed a cask of Ailidh Mal's produce. Though the authorities tried on many occasions to catch this 'outlaw' and find his poit dhubh, he apparently always gave them the slip, with much help from his wife and the greatful community.

Find out more at Am Baile where you can even brush up your Gaelic grammar with the interactive game described above or teach your kids with this animated story in Gaelic or English.

Ailidh Mal - clach air a chàrn.

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