Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Edinburgh Whisky pubs part 2 - Bannermans

Just to emphasise that enjoying a dram should not require a Westminster MPs salary and 'allowances' here's a watering hole from that dark and dirty chasm that is Edinburgh's Cowgate. As you'd expect, you're not gonna rub shoulders with Fred Goodwin types in Bannermans. A large cellar-come-cavern in the back is used for gigs and therefore you can expect to see ageing punks, metalheads and students in attendance.

Could you imagine the SMWS's rooms - and very nice they are too - holding gigs by the likes of Kunt and the Gang, Cash from Chaos, Happy Spastics or a few years back, by Sunderlands finest purveyors of melodic but gruff indie-punk, Leatherface?

Bannermans does all this plus an interesting and cheap line in malts. Despite the cental location you can enjoy the Ileachs Laphroaig and Lagavulin plus Springank 10yo and Longmorn 16yo for a mere £2.80. That's each btw... this is a business and not the whisky tir nan og or a freeloading Westminster MP's taxpayer subsidised oasis. Also to be spotted were the likes of Blair Athol F&F, Glen Ord, An Cnoc and Poit Dhubh.

Bannermans, 212 Cowgate.

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