Thursday, May 28, 2009

Euro election or magnet for freaks?

The current sleaze that has engulfed the London government and chiefly, the two ugly sisters of Tory and Labour, seems to have opened a door for all kinds of publicity seekers, weirdos and bigots to try get some kind of power or voice. Hence, next week's elections to the European Parliament will see more parties than a range of Bruichladdich bottlings on our voting slips.

Foremost of the vile and fèir craicte are the Bnp and Ukip. The Bnp have put on a 'moderate' face in recent years though basically are the same bunch of nazis who used to march in 'White Power' t-shirts and dress up in homo-erotic fascist-style uniforms. Check out the Bnp founder John Tyndall above. Hey, guys, can't you just be glad to be gay without giving it all the right-arm Little Englander stuff? I wonder how 'British' they want us to be anyway? Would they close down Ikea? Stop pubs selling French, Belgian and German beer? Close down curry-houses and ban nachos from pubs? Ban Japansese tellies and MP3 players? American dramas oot the windae? How about changing our Arabic numerals? Seems like there's little left of 'British' or English culture. Fortunately, here in Alba, we still have our uisge-beatha, shinty, ceilidhs, education system, Gaelic language and much more which we can trace back a millenium or two. We can even welcome 'foreigners' to enjoy it. 'S neart iomdachd - Diversity is strength.

Then we have the Christian Party who are 'proclaiming Christ's Lordship'!! I wonder if they seek a return to biblical law whereby adulterers, sabbath breakers and those who have 'contact' with women during their 'monthly uncleanliness' will be stoned to death. If that's too dark-age for our 21st century sensibilities then maybe the old anti-gay and anti-abortion messages will attract a few votes from the deluded. Maybe, their manifesto is to be gleaned from the oft-chuckled-at 'Dear Laura' letter that's done the rounds on the internet for years. Click there for an additional West Wing version.

In Scotland, we have the Jury Team. Who? Are they some kind of Equaliser-type avengers? Who TF knows or cares!! Auld Tommy Sheridan - once much respected defeator of Rupert Murdoch, anti-Poll Tax fighter and MSP and now ridiculed reality game show competitor - is massaging his ego in something called 'No2EU: Yes To Democracy'. Do they stand for compulsory txt messaging? Or are they after the hip and trend yth vt?

So, lets hope the Ugly Sisters of Cameron-Brown get roasted for fleecing the tax payers since...? The Bnp get sent to Amsterdam to sample some culture and get a lumber. And the likes of the Crstn Prty and No2EU lot get a slot on Big Brother or some other publicity circus.

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